Mocking Florida

Mocking Florida+++ugly terrain

Cantankerous palms+++upon which my note is written

And left behind+++to fade from wear of sand and sea


Superfluous blue+++ubiquitous orb

Melancholy conversations that lead to nowhere

Because I am not your dog+++am I?


When it is summer here+++is it fall somewhere else?

Melodramatic+++yes, I’m sorry

I know you’ve heard my premise

And the preamble grows old


Was it Rottweiller or Poodle+++I tried not to be? +++or to be?

Assumptions that destroy the finish that I would would shine

Like your eyes when toward the sun you stare+++aluminum twinkle

(Star light+++star bright+++first star I see tonight+++I wish I may+++I wish I might…)


And if I could draw I’d capture it+++but you know I’m not artistic honey

A plethora of images+++realities I cannot hold+++curse time

Curse matter+++curse energy+++I turn blue

From lack of food?+++lack of air


I scream out+++“Uncle”+++give up

No more walks on this ugly beach.


May 1997, Revised 2006

© Michael Lile 2016